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Sleep Apnea Devices

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Obstructive Sleep Apnea - Essential Things to Know About This


For those people who are having problems with sleep apnea, the CPAP machines are used by them. This is actually a sleep disorder where the person's breathing goes shallow while sleeping or one pauses in breathing. Every hour, the pauses that take place can be about five to 30. This usually creates a loud snort or a kind of a choking sound. Patients who are suffering from this problem would often move from a deep sleep to a light sleep when the pauses in breathing take place. This problem can effect on the person's routine since this results in poor sleep quality and can make them sleepy throughout the day. This can affect the person's overall performance.


Often, the sleep apnea is undiagnosed because the doctors cannot detect the condition on normal day time visits. Moreover, there are no blood tests that can help determine the problem too. The people with OSP are also unaware about this during sleep. It is often the family member or the roommate who gets to notice the signs first. You should know that there are actually three kinds of sleep apnea which are mixed, central and obstructive. If you are a patient like this, you must consider getting an oral devices for sleep apnea.


The obstructive sleep apnea is known to be the very common of three types of sleep apnea. With this disorder, the airway collapses during a deep sleep and the effort to take a breath and goes unsuccessful. Because of this, the oxygen level in the blood gets reduced and the body wakes up to breathe. Such can affect the person's efficiency so the CPAP machines are utilized to deal with such problem. You have to keep in mind that the OSP is really common among men.


According to research, the OSP affects about 4 percent of men and also 2 percent of women. This means that men are more likely to have a problem like this but after the age of 50, the risk goes the same to both genders. There are sleep apnea oral devices in the market today which are useful for both gender. Moreover, you should be aware that this is also very common to the obese individuals. The use of CPAP machine is very common for the patients and due to this, there is continuous airway pressure. CPAP machines have different features.


Those patients who have this problem have insomnia, headaches, day sleepiness, repeated naps, irritability and others. The problem goes undetected because there is no blood test to know the presence of OSP in a person. There are several causes that can lead to such kind of problem but mostly are related to breathing like when there is no enough air that moves to the lungs as you sleep. This happens when the tongue relaxes more than normal or when the throat muscles relax or if a person is overweight. Find out some good sleep apnea treatment by reading